Objectives and research lines

With the execution of this program, it is expected significant contributions to solve current problems of the Transport Systems and upgrades in the involved disciplines and multidisciplinary knowledge. Both contributions will improve the knowhow of the research group and will make possible to transfer these to the thirty five associated companies. This fact will increase the competitiveness of the companies and the program impact obtained because the transfer of the results to the society will be increased.


  1. Vehicles’s and alternative propulsion systems’s development for sustainable and efficient mobility.
  2. Evaluation of environmental impacts of vehicles, fleets and national fleet, including life cycle analysis.
  3. Technologies development for the improvement of public passenger transport at urban and interurban environments: sustainability, accessibility and safety.
  4. New intelligent systems for sustainable urban mobility.
  5. Intelligent systems in vehicles.
  6. Cooperative systems and communications V2V, V2I and V2P.
  7. Evaluation of the effects on accidents and safety (accidents and victims) of intelligent systems and the passenger’s and other road user’s protection.
  8. Adaptation of infrastructure elements for effective uptake by boarded IS and improving the users perception.